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Adjustable size: S - XL

Gender: Unisex

The protective helmet is used as an effective protection in everyday essential activities. It minimizes the risk associated with contact with viruses and other microorganisms transmitted by droplets. It introduces comfort and a sense of security during direct conversations with other people. It isolates the face from potentially infected hands and limits the reflex. Always protect yourself and your loved ones. The helmet is made in accordance with the highest European standards with care for the environment.


Ultra light and comfortable helmet made of the highest quality certified products.

Reusable product made of plastic distinguished by excellent transparency, which affects the comfort of wearing.

The helmet is an easy-to-clean product. We recommend spraying or rinsing the glass under running water, or using a disinfectant and allowing it to dry.

The unique design of the helmet ensures comfort of use even throughout the day, it does not restrict free movements and does not fall off the head when leaning. Thanks to the space between the face and the lenses, it is an ideal product for people who wear glasses. Thanks to the material used, the glass does not evaporate, which ensures complete transparency.

Provides protection against contamination, spatter, prevents virus transmission.

The helmet can be worn instead of the face mask.

Certificates and approvals:

- reusable

- no PVC

- in line with the rule 1935/2004

- high stiffness

- for toys for children

- additionally, it has a certificate for contact with food



Protective shield made of transparent PET foil - 0.5 mm

Protective strip with foam

Fastening elements - 2 x screw and 2 x distance

Flexible tape

User manual

The kit is delivered for self-assembly


The ability to raise the shield up / down without removing the helmet

Adjustable to the required size thanks to the elastic band

A special foam protects against forehead irritation

High degree of shield transparency

Built-in spacers effectively separate the face from the shield

The raised shield will not drop by itself thanks to the adjustment with screws

For multiple use

Both for women and men

Quick cleaning and disinfection


Full face protection

Express on and off

Comfortable use

Minimum weight

Durable and stable

The glasses you wear do not fog up

Matching shape

t does not limit visibility

It does not disturb the free circulation of air and breathing

High-quality components

Easy to assemble