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Luxury Wedding Stationery

Gender: Unisex

Light and comfortable protective helmet for the mouth and nose (excluding eyes).

It combines both the comfort of the mask and, thanks to its transparency, it acts as a visor.

Reusable product, made of 200-300 gsm polyester glass and strong foam which is a structural element.

Fixed with white elastic bands behind the ears.



- protects the face

- does not limit visibility or distort the image

- it does not disturb the free circulation of air and breathing

- made of high

-quality components that can be cleaned with disinfectants.


Certificates and approvals:

- reusable

- no PVC

- in line with the rule 1935/2004

- high stiffness

- for toys for children

- the product has a certificate of compliance

Additionally, it has a certificate for contact with food