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Luxury Wedding Stationery


Visor for self assembling 

Very easy to do, manual included.

Gender: Unisex

Small size for children

Light and comfortable protective helmet for the mouth and nose (excluding eyes).

It combines both the comfort of the mask and, thanks to its transparency, it acts as a visor.

Reusable product, made of 200-300 gsm polyester glass and strong foam which is a structural element.

Fixed with white elastic bands behind the ears.



- protects the face

- does not limit visibility or distort the image

- it does not disturb the free circulation of air and breathing

- made of high

-quality components that can be cleaned with disinfectants.


Certificates and approvals:

- reusable

- no PVC

- in line with the rule 1935/2004

- high stiffness

- for toys for children

- the product has a certificate of compliance

Additionally, it has a certificate for contact with food