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Luxury Wedding Stationery



Adjustable size: S - XL

Gender: Unisex

Cotton visor with adjustable Velcro fastening at the back and a polyester cover that can be detached and attached to the band at any time.

It has gold-colored snaps.The cover itself, apart from the possibility of detaching, has the option of folding it to the back of the head.

A visor with a visor reduces the risk of droplet-borne infections. It also protects the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes and nose against contact with contaminated hands or objects, and against minor mechanical injuries.



Visor with headband - 100% cottonwash at 40 degrees.

lens polyester 200-300 gsm

Detachable gold-tone clasps


Certificates and approvals:

- reusable- no PVC- in line with the rule 1935/2004- high stiffness- for toys for children

- additionally, it has a certificate for contact with food

Opportunity to buy glasses.

Registered design.



Full face protection

Express on and off

Comfortable use

Minimum weight

Durable and stable

The glasses you wear do not fog up

Matching shape

It does not limit visibility

It does not disturb the free circulation of air and breathing

High-quality components

Easy to assemble